Cumulus Day 176

(貝塚をつくる by 開高健)

“Once upon a time in China, there was a philosopher. This philosopher went out for a walk with his apprentice. When they reached a river bank, they saw some fish swimming. Seeing the fish, the philosopher said, the fish are enjoying themselves. The apprentice asked, how do you know the fish are enjoying themselves even though you are not a fish. Then the philosopher said, you are not me; then how do you know that I don’t know what’s fun for fish? Then the apprentice said, I am not you, so of course I don’t know what you think. You are, of course, not a fish, so you don’t know what’s fun for fish, that’s for sure. Who was this philosopher? And the apprentice?”
Oh good. That much, I know.

(Making a midden by Kaiko Takeshi: The author was being tested on his knowledge related to fishing by a wealthy fishing zealot)

I took Cumulus outside to expose to better sunlight and the pit got eaten by some animal at night. Rest in peace in avocado heaven.

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