Mileage on my touring bike in 2015

Mileages on my new touring bike.

Mileages on my new touring bike.

~968 miles/22312.9 ft
(+ ?350 miles on my fixie/mostly flat)

I built a new touring bike this year to replace my old road bike that got stolen out of the bike cage in our old apartment building (note: Padlocks are not secure! A bolt cutter can cut right through it). I built a fixie many years ago but it was still a bit of a challenge to build this bike as I had forgotten much of the steps for building bikes and this bike had more components than the fixie. I was sure that this bike would soon fall apart but luckily, only minor components fell off over 968 miles of riding in 2015 – only 32 miles from hitting 1K on this bike!

I was manually recording my mileage by plotting my routes on Google Map or Ride with GPS but I learned a few days ago that Google has been recording all my trips (as long as I have my phone with me). The data were buried (found it under “Your timeline”) in my Google account. It’s a little creepy but also a little useful and a little useless:

Hovercrafting all over Lake Union. I wish I remembered that experience...

Hovercrafting all over Lake Union. I wish I remembered that experience…

Anyhow, I hope 2016 will also be a fun and safe cycle year. I’ve already been almost hit by a car that was only looking at the oncoming car traffic and not seeing a bicyclist. I guess accidents could happen even when I obey every traffic rule. My bici and I would not stand a chance against a moving car, so I’ll just have to remember to be an extra defensive cyclist!

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