Poke me


  • photo credit: Avi Kelman
  • mika (at) yukidoke (dot) org
  • All content are CC-BY-SA3.0.
    1. Avi’s avatar

      The poke photo is unattributed!

      (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


      Also, apparently cc2.0 not 3.0. *COUGHSNORT*

    2. Avi’s avatar

      Oh, god. That comment is public. HAHAHAHA. Oops. Sorry Mika! 😀

    3. mika’s avatar

      Haha! Fixed!

    4. Yuan Qiao’s avatar

      Hi, Mika
      Long time no see!

    5. mika’s avatar

      Whoa, Yuan! Where are you now??


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