If someone had described this world to me before I was born, would I have thought this was doable?


Seeing a crane fly while looking for that mosquito is quite alarming.

toki syokusu

“Time eats it all”



for age mod 10 = 0, celebrate when age = age ± age/10/2.

same no ha

Sand tiger sharks are just big puppies. Sure.

But if they want to, could they take a piece of me as a souvenir?


What if coral reefs are ticklish?

fune no naka no fune

This ship is such a ship. SUCH a ship.


Maybe the hand in the ultimate machine just wants to come out of the box.

Perpetual frustration.


It’s hard to tell if we’ve started marching towards it. Wonder if that’s how everyone felt in the past.


If I had been told this was the deal before entering, it probably didn’t good.

But once in, it’s not so bad!


Cut four slices of gruyere bread.

M “Cut more, no?”

“Oh no, I’ll just take one.”

M “Take more.”

“I’m fine. I’ll just take this edge piece.”

M “No no, you should cut more! You usually eat the whole loaf.”

It is true. I love it.


Tiny data solutions are often quite elegant.


After watching a super hero movie, all I could think about was how those super powers would be great on glacier travels.

Seems I’ve been bitten by the mountain bug.


There are some things that I truly believed to be fantastic until I actually did it.

Walking in clouds is one of those.


Neither hay fever or flower pollen allergy is correct.

inazuma kaminari

Being afraid of lightning makes much more sense.


Firefox supreme…firefox ultimatum…firefox…what was it?

uchuu de ichiban

Everyone is #1 in the universe in something.

Stable instability.


Dogs are surprisingly slow to notice cyclists approaching behind them.

Didn’t mean to scare you so much.


Suggestion for the next evolutionary step for flying insects: figure out which part of a window is just transparent and which part is open.

You can do it!

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