There are some things that I truly believed to be fantastic until I actually did it.

Walking in clouds is one of those.


Neither hay fever or flower pollen allergy is correct.

inazuma kaminari

Being afraid of lightning makes much more sense.


Firefox supreme…firefox ultimatum…firefox…what was it?

uchuu de ichiban

Everyone is #1 in the universe in something.

Stable instability.


Dogs are surprisingly slow to notice cyclists approaching behind them.

Didn’t mean to scare you so much.


Suggestion for the next evolutionary step for flying insects: figure out which part of a window is just transparent and which part is open.

You can do it!


Hey for sale. Free hey trial for a week.



It is indeed difficult to translate to be or not to be but…but……


Hopefully no machine will make a mistake of recommending “similar books” for a mystery book where the narrator is the culprit.


Thankfully and unfortunately, adults fail to grow out of all of child characteristics.

Mostly a good thing.


Crows are smart; but they should be smarter.

dokodemo itsudemo

Stage 1 for workaholic syndrome: feel the urge to compoot while at work.

hikkoshi no sewa

When a character in a fictional story talks or thinks about moving, it makes me think about the logistics of their move and brings me back to reality.


while (i == sandwiched between two people completely misunderstanding each other &
being the only one who is noticing it) {politeness < - nap}


Gravitational constant is correlated with seasons, with its peak in late autumn and winter [do not look for citations].


#i:’!h39% feels ok in comparison to some#04renot, for example.


Sometimes I feel like I want to go home when I am home.

natto ai

“you’re my natto” | “you’re my sauerkraut”

How could I lose? Love is incomprehensible.


Is it wrong to sigh at updates?

The honeymoon period is long gone.

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