chijyousei namakemono

Entering a wet season. Must obtain a ground sloth for camping.

In search of amber-trapped mosquitoes.


The only thing I know about storks is not true.


Draining orzo in a colander can be a traumatic experience.


Closing announcement at libraries may be the most depressing thing that happens on a regular basis.


When I see an elk’s butt, I get the urge to pull up its “pants”.


This planet is a clever escape room.

Flip over some lawn and there may be a hidden clue.


Returning from a dental exam:

“Which one is 230?”

“Had no idea you are a shark.”


A possibility of thousands of ticks latching onto my legs was the least of my concern.

They are just thirsty, just like I was.


Do TOTO workers keep TOTO lists?


What makes sense is not necessarily what is right.


Walked out of my stall; saw a person waiting for my stall; saw ten other empty stalls around my stall.

Wonder what it was about my stall that made it special. Should have made another queue outside that stall to find out.


A drinking game: every time a paper says ‘least squares’, have a sip.

It doesn’t happen very often though.


I could be swallowed by an orca during takeoff on a seaplane. Or a humpback whale.


The cow slipped off from a mozzarella container into a river. And then, I became a superwoman.

The cow was fine.


Adding items to a TODO list after doing them makes my nostrils flare a bit.

Properly inflated nostrils.


There ought to be special yoga for recovering from dealing with customer service.


Today, Autumn decided to dust off its winter jacket.


If I want my descents in 100 million years to be mermaids, should I make a family rule to soak the bottom half of the body in water as much as possible?


Is it time to merge l and r here yet?

kindai bijutsu

Had I seen Hip Hip Hoorah! in 1949, I probably would have felt the same way as I feel about Yo.

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