The cow slipped off from a mozzarella container into a river. And then, I became a superwoman.

The cow was fine.


Adding items to a TODO list after doing them makes my nostrils flare a bit.

Properly inflated nostrils.


There ought to be special yoga for recovering from dealing with customer service.


Today, Autumn decided to dust off its winter jacket.


If I want my descents in 100 million years to be mermaids, should I make a family rule to soak the bottom half of the body in water as much as possible?


Is it time to merge l and r here yet?

kindai bijutsu

Had I seen Hip Hip Hoorah! in 1949, I probably would have felt the same way as I feel about Yo.


WaldorF Salad at a Miracle of Statistics restaurant?

usagi to kame

Wonder if I can outrun a bunny.

Will test next time I experience a bunny stampede.


Looking up an image of a jigger took away my appetite for a cocktail.


Would changing the max tweet length to 141 cause a larger or smaller revolt than 200?

Guessing: 139 >> 200 > 141


The OCD part of me is always a little concerned about the shortstop at baseball games.


It’s easy to do the right thing but it’s much harder to do the right things.


I wish I could hug my home more easily.


X-ray images of children’s teeth are frightening.


Sometimes I feel like a wooden bird is about to jump out of my forehead.

It eventually goes back in, of course.


Golf race (i.e. golf but speed of progress matters) across Canada would be an enjoyable sport.


A unitard with a hood is needed to truly enjoy a foam roller.


A trust recovery experiment:

A subject is told that his opponent will always throw rock, so as long the subject throws paper, s/he’ll always win. In the first match, the opponent throws scissors, so the subject loses. In all the subsequent matches, the opponent will always throw rock. How many times would it take for the subject to start trusting the rule again?

An idea gained from an interaction with m’ clever nephew.

hougann nage

Want: shot put on ice.

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