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Wedding photos


I like taking wedding photos. Lots of happy faces and cool outfits. Sometimes people ask me to take wedding photos, which always makes happy. I'm not a professional photographer and I can't promise to take good photos but if you want some extra free photos, bring me to your wedding! Here are a few photos from the weddings in Sweden and Cambridge, MA. And some photos of my couple friends here .


2017 Spring - current

I had 2 hives in 2017; one Italian queen with 3lb package bees and one Carniolan queen with a 5lb nuc. I was initially interested in understanding why many people were passionate about beekeeping; but now I'm in love with the bees. They are awesome. More updates to come.

Update (Mar 2018): Both my hives have flown to heaven. One was destroyed by yellow jackets in September but the other didn't make it through wet and cold winter in Seattle. I'm getting one nuc in April though!

Beer Fermentation

2016 Fall - current

I made my first beer! It was American Pale Ale. Lucy designed and made beautiful labels for this beer. It tasted Name: Odd Ratio A.P.A. All labels are designed by Lucy L Wang.

Update (summer 2017?): I made my second beer! Imperial IPA with 10 times as much hop as instructed. Still not hoppy enough! Gotta try again... Name: BJC.

Update (Mar 2018): I made my third beer! Another IPA with again, about 10 times as much hop as instructed. Left it in the bucket for primary fermentation for about 4 weeks instead of 2 weeks. Planning to open up a bottle after 2 weeks. Name: TBA.

Fermentation: Miso

2016 Spring - current

I finanlly got some koji to make miso last year. The miso looks ready for consumption now (summer 2017).

Hop growing

2016 Spring - current

I biked through fields of hops in central Washington in 2015. I loved the fragrance so much that I grew hops at home (Willamette) and at our friend's garden (Cascade) last year. We got more hops than we could consume in one year!

2017: The Cascade hops did not come back but Willamette did. I transplanted Willamette in our friend's garden.

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