• Nimubus 5.5 years!

    「妻は、椎茸だったことがあるそうです」…「人は誰でもそうです」 (妻が椎茸だったころ by 中島京子) “I heard that my wife once was a shiitake.”…”so was everyone else.” (“When my wife was a shiitake” by Nakajima Kyoko: A man whose wife passed away recently is attending a private cooking seminar that his wife was planning to go to. He mentions to his teacher a note he found in …

  • Nimubus 4 years and 5 months

    「ぼくらが肉体のまねをせずにいられないのは、肉体を愛しているからじゃない、肉体を忘れたいからなんだ」 (変形の記憶 by 安部公房) “The reason why we keep imitating what a live body does is not because we love physical bodies – it’s because we want to forget them.” (Record of a transformation by Abe Kobo: Dead soldiers discussing why they try to do what live humans do even though there’s no need.) — …

  • Nimbus 4 years and 1 month

    Just waking up from a reading hiatus. Nimbus has grown tall and its trunk is looking more like a tree trunk. I should probably repot again.

  • Nimbus 2 years and 2 months

    反芻は危険だ。自家中毒にも似て、内面のバランスを崩すきっかけになる。 (夜の底は柔らかな幻 by 恩田陸) “Ruminating on memory is dangerous. Similarly to nervous breakdown, it triggers destruction of mental balance.” * Nimbus survived a Boston winter and a train trip across the country.