Mika Matsuzaki

🥑 Assistant Professor in Human Nutrition

🏫 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

🏡 Seattle/Baltimore

📧 mika-at-yukidoke-dot-org

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Lifecourse epidemiology

Multi-burden of malnutrition

Nutrition transition

Childhood obesity

Non-communicable diseases

Nutrition policies

Food environment

Food composition data

Access to Medicine



I'm a nutritional epidemiologist (one of those) studying how changes in food systems influence our diet and health outcomes. I am currently focusing on improving diet for kids through school-based interventions and policies in the U.S. and in Thailand.

In my spare time, I enjoy bike touring, diving, hiking, cooking, reading, and growing plants.



Climbed Mt. Fuji! Also visited Johns Hopkins Glacier!


March: Got certified for PADI Rescue Diver!


July: Got certified for PADI Advanced Open Diver! Cold water diving is hard but rewarding.

May: Summited Mt. Rainier again! We had a perfect weather this time.

March: Tried backcountry skiing for the first time and loved it! Went to Tilly Jane A-Frame on Mt Hood.