Mika Matsuzaki

🥑 Assistant Professor in Human Nutrition

🏫 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

🏡 Seattle/Baltimore

📧 mika-at-yukidoke.org

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Lifecourse epidemiology

Multi-burden of malnutrition

Nutrition transition

Childhood obesity

Non-communicable diseases

Nutrition policies

Food environment

Food composition data

Access to Medicine



I'm an epidemiologist (one of those) studying how changes in enviroment influence health outcomes over the life course. In the context of global health, I am interested in mitigating adverse effects of exposure to dual (or multi) burden of malnutrition on non-communicable disease development.

In my spare time, I enjoy bike touring and hiking as well as cooking and solving escape rooms.

I'll be updating this site over the next few months, so stay tuned!

Recent publication (to be updated soon)


📄 The prevalence of hypertension and its distribution by sociodemographic factors in Central Mozambique: a cross sectional study. Matsuzaki, M., Sherr, K., Augusto, O. et al. BMC Public Health 20, 1843 (2020).

📄 Food environment near schools and body weight - A systematic review of associations by race/ethnicity, gender, grade, and socio‐economic factors. Matsuzaki M, Sánchez BN, Acosta ME, Botkin J, Sanchez-Vaznaugh EV. Obesity Reviews. 21:4.

📄 Is agricultural engagement associated with lower incidence or prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and cardiovascular disease risk factors? A systematic review of observational studies from low- and middle-income countries. Sørensen TB., Matsuzaki M., Gregson J., Kinra S., Kadiyala S., Shankar B., Dangour AD.PLoS ONE 10:1371.