Mika Matsuzaki

🥑 Assistant Professor in Human Nutrition

🏫 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

🏡 Seattle/Baltimore

📧 mika-at-yukidoke.org

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Lifecourse epidemiology

Multi-burden of malnutrition

Nutrition transition

Childhood obesity

Non-communicable diseases

Nutrition policies

Food environment

Food composition data

Access to Medicine



I'm an epidemiologist (one of those) studying how changes in food systems influence our diet and health outcomes over the life course. I am interested in mitigating adverse effects of exposure to double (or multi) burden of malnutrition on non-communicable disease development.

In my spare time, I enjoy bike touring, diving, hiking, cooking, reading, and growing plants.



July: Got certified for PADI Advanced Open Diver! Cold water diving is hard but rewarding.

May: Summited Mt. Rainier again! We had a perfect weather this time.

March: Tried backcountry skiing for the first time and loved it! Went to Tilly Jane A-Frame on Mt Hood.