Current Projects


2017 Spring - current

I got 2 hives; one Italian queen with 3lb package bees and one Carniolan queen with a 5lb nuc. I was initially interested in understanding why many people were passionate about beekeeping; but now I'm in love with the bees. They are awesome. More updates to come.

Beer Fermentation

2016 Fall - current

I made my first beer! It was American Pale Ale. Lucy designed and made beautiful labels for this beer. It tasted

Update: I made my second beer! Imperial IPA with 10 times as much hop as instructed. Still not hoppy enough! Gotta try again...

Fermentation: Miso

2016 Spring - current

I finanlly got some koji to make miso last year. The miso looks ready for consumption now (summer 2017).

Hop growing

2016 Spring - current

I biked through fields of hops in central Washington in 2015. I loved the fragrance so much that I grew hops at home (Willamette) and at our friend's garden (Cascade) last year. We got more hops than we could consume in one year!

2017: The Cascade hops did not come back but Willamette did. I transplanted Willamette in our friend's garden.

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