In my apartment, I check how windy it is outside not by looking at the trees outside (since there aren’t as many of those as Seattle..) but by looking at the toilet water. When it’s super windy outside, the toilet water makes waves on the surface just like those you see on cruise ships. It’s kinda cool.

I’ve yet to figure out why the toilet water is affected by the wind…

  1. PJ Cabrera’s avatar

    Quick question: is it just ripples as in when you drop a pebble in a pond? If so, the answer is sound waves inside the bathroom.

    As the wind blows past the bathroom window, the window rattles. The rattle makes the air inside the bathroom vibrate (sound waves). The sound waves perturb the toilet water slightly, making waves.

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    wow..that is a way more complicated process than I imagined..of course, I’m horrible at physics but the transition from wind energy to sound to liquid sounds really sexy to me for some reason..what a hot phenomena it is to be happening in my bathrom!

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    I’ve also seen this happen at my apartment at home, in the skyscraper I work in, in my parents house, and in all my friends house.

    Searching the internet about this phenomenon didn’t reveal much… until i found your page.

    Thanks, i’ll keep looking for an answer.

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    Cool! Let me know when you find good answers…


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